“Binge” – Machine Gun Kelly New Diss EP


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly set to drop his new diss EP ‘Binge’.  This is coming on the aftermath of Eminem’s release of his diss track Killshot in response to MGK’s diss track ‘Rap Devil‘.

Recall that Eminem dissed MGK on his diss record ‘Not Like Me’ which spark off reactions from the music global world.  This beef doesn’t really seem to end anytime soon and it said to be currently helping MGK gain commercial success more than he has ever in his career. 

Rapper Eminem’s new album Kamikaze has made him the most popular artist in 2018 and seems to record more commercial success than any of his former albums.

This beef is becoming more violent beyond just records, it is reported that last Friday in Atlanta, an actor who was really upset with Machine Gun Kelly for talking about Eminem’s family on his diss record, called MGK a “Pussy”, he was said to have called him this while MGK was having a drink in a pub, this got to a point his bodygaurds dealt with the artist who was later said to have checked into an emergency room at the nearest hospital due to a black eye and several bruises he sustained.


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