Electronic Cigarette – Full Information and Outlets in USA

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, e-vaporizers, and also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems is a battery-operated device typically used as a substitute for the real cigarette.  Users inhale nicotine rather than smoke, nicotine addiction according to reports has a high risk of cancer than traditional tobacco.  

Electronic Cigarette Side Effects – What Are The Side Effects Of E-Cigarette

There are known health effects like nausea, abdominal pain, eye irritation, and vomiting for adult smokers.  There are also long-term effects. According to FDA, there is a presence of nitrosamines and ethylene glycol in most of the e-cigarettes and these substances are cancer-causing.  Issues like high blood pressure, coma, seizures, tachycardia, and death may occur as a result of high doses.

Is E Cigarette Safe To Use?

An e-cigarette has been seen as an almost perfect substitute for people who are addicted to cigarettes.  We are not pretty certain or it has not yet been established if it actually helps people quit smoking.  Records show that e-cigarettes stop smokers from being exposed to tar of various poisonous gasses available in cigarettes.  It also provides a less dangerous nicotine source. 

We have not been able to establish if e-cigarette is suitable for pregnant women but there is almost a possibility that it may cause birth defects.  It should be noted that e-cigarette was mainly manufactured for people who stopped smoking or wish to stop and not for high school students or young people.  The presence of ultrafine particles is a major cause of lungs inflammation which causes severe asthma and increased respiratory infections.

According to Knowable magazine;

Fewer carcinogens doesn’t mean safe

Because e-cigarettes don’t deliver the tar and carcinogens that traditional cigarettes do, users largely believe that they are a much safer nicotine delivery product. Indeed, studies show that e-cigarettes release fewer harmful chemicals, such as hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide (two of the more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke). So they may be a more effective way to reduce tobacco use — and prevent lung cancer — than current quitting aids.

Most public health researchers do concur on a few points. E-cigarettes shouldn’t be allowed in places where smoking isn’t allowed, for instance, nor sold to young people. “I think we all agree that no nicotine-containing products should be sold or marketed directly to kids under the age 21. There’s no reason on Earth to have either alcohol or marijuana or nicotine accessible to minors,” Abrams says.


Can You Get Cancer From e-cigarettes (Vaping)?

Yes, it is established that users of e-cigarettes stand a bigger chance of getting cancer than people who smoke tobacco.  This is because most chemicals that cause cancer usually come in vapor form and the vapors coming out of e-cigarette are flavorings, chemicals and heat up nicotine.  The electronic cigarette is not any form of tobacco unlike what most people feel or get told.

E-cigarette smokers stand a higher chance of having cancer than tobacco cigarettes.  They are more likely to develop bladder cancer and heart diseases as a result of the vapors from the heat up nicotine.

Though they are less toxic than traditional cigarettes studies show that the aerosols produced by e-cigarettes contain ultrafine particles that cause cardiovascular disease by interfering with the normal functioning of blood vessels, meaning the risk of heart attacks is doubled.  

Electronic Cigarettes Near Me

We have compiled a list of few E-cigarette shops in the United States with positive customer reviews.  Find them below;

Electronic Cigarette USA
Strip-mall shop offers a selection of electronic cigarettes, flavored liquids & smoking accessories.
Hollywood, FL, USA
+1 800-898-4157

Denver Electronic Cigarettes
Country Square
Aurora, CO, USA
+1 720-748-7524

E-Cig City Houston 1
Houston, TX, United States
+1 832-427-6670
Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Totally Wicked
Largo Mall
Largo, FL, United States
+1 727-303-3950

Dave’s Electronic Cigarette Shop
Hopewell Junction, NY, USA
+1 800-234-9600

Vapor Smoke Shop
Charlotte, NC, USA
+1 704-847-1688

The Vapor Lair
Store carrying a variety of electronic cigarette mods plus juice flavors & accessories.
Houston, TX, USA
+1 713-492-2398

Indy E Cigs
Indianapolis, IN, USA
+1 317-438-5336

Vapor Store Smoke Shop
Anaheim, CA, USA
+1 714-780-1150

Denver Electronic Cigarettes
Aurora, CO, USA
+1 720-639-3106

Electronic Cigarette Vaporizers
Vape shop selling electronic-cigarette vaporizers & custom e-liquids in many flavors.
Houston, TX, United States
+1 713-939-8273

MAXX Electronic Cigarettes
Indianapolis, IN, USA
+1 317-888-6299

E-Cig City 8
San Jose, CA, USA
+1 408-677-7692

Bethesda Vapor Company
Bethesda, MD, USA
+1 301-312-6704

Sky Castle Vape – Shop Vapes Shop Electronic Cigarettes Portables JUUL, Juno, Phix, Salt Nic
Clearwater, FL, USA
+1 727-614-9981

Up In Vape
Thornton, CO, United States
+1 720-390-5165

Empire Vape Shop – Bangor
Bangor, ME, USA
+1 207-573-4215

Westfield Brandon
Brandon, FL, USA
+1 813-324-8904

Bosque Smoke & Vapor Shop
Waco, TX, USA
+1 254-756-2900

Vapor Road – Tyrone
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
+1 727-350-5842

Vulcan Vape Nashville
(58) · Vaporizer Store
Nashville, TN, USA
+1 615-942-9095

Vapor Shark
Coral Springs, FL, USA
+1 954-800-5332

Bad Ace Vapor LLC
Rockwall, TX, USA
+1 972-722-4469

VaporIce Phoenix Electronic Cigarette (E Cigarettes) & E-liquid Vapor shop (vape store) – AZ
Phoenix, AZ, USA
+1 602-971-2365

Electronic Cigarettes Of Houston
Electronic cigarette retailer carrying starter kits, e-liquid & atomizers, plus replacement parts.
Katy, TX, USA
+1 832-437-7440

Vapor Den SF
Eclectic lounge & hipster go-to for vaping atomizers, cartridges & supplies in an easygoing space.
San Francisco, CA, USA
+1 415-374-7599

Wickedly Hot Vapors
Strip-mall outpost for electronic cigarette items, including tanks, kits & diverse liquid flavors.
Plano, TX, USA
+1 972-422-4446

MAXX Electronic Cigarettes Avon
Avon, IN, USA
+1 317-272-6299

192 Smoke Shop
Kissimmee, FL, USA
+1 407-507-2765

Shem Creek Vapor
Mt Pleasant, SC, USA
+1 843-352-9992

Goolsby Pointe Shopping Center
Riverview, FL, USA
+1 813-769-9403

Smokey News Vape Shop
Bright, spacious shop stocking cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, e-cigarettes, hookahs & magazines.
Southport Shopping Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
+1 954-362-9421

(87) · Vaporizer Store
Surfside Beach, SC, USA
+1 843-281-6071

ECBlend Flavors
Medford, OR, USA
+1 541-973-2343

Stamford Vapor and Smoke Shop
Stamford, CT, USA
+1 203-276-9058

Vapor Gurus
Waterville, ME, USA
+1 207-660-7043

Chain retailer specializing in e-cigarettes, with custom mods & an assortment of e-liquids.
Naperville, IL, USA
+1 224-523-9612

Great American Vapes
Bossier City, LA, USA
+1 318-584-7230

Vapor Kings Las Vegas
Grand Bazaar Shops
Las Vegas, NV, USA
+1 702-489-6125

Smokies Electronic Cigarette & Tobacco Depot
Milwaukee, WI, USA
+1 414-384-6576

Vapor Cig
Canyon Crest Towne Centre
Riverside, CA, United States
+1 951-686-2676

Eastie Smoke Shop
East Boston, MA, USA
+1 617-401-9348

Electronic Cigarette Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada
+1 613-695-3594

Washington, DC, USA
+1 202-864-6107

Westfield Countryside
Clearwater, FL, USA
+1 727-797-3400

E-Cig Barn
Abington, MA, USA
+1 781-421-3013

Pure Cigs | Vape Shop
Smart retailer featuring a range of electronic cigarettes plus e-liquids & accessories.
West Melbourne, FL, USA
+1 321-250-1469

All Access Vapor Palm Harbor
Palm Harbor, FL, USA
+1 727-239-0350

Denver Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic-cigarette source selling kosher e-liquids including custom blends without nicotine.
Glendale, CO, USA
+1 720-431-2032

Great American Vapes
Shreveport, LA, USA
+1 318-216-5841

Pure Cigs | Vape Shop
Melbourne, FL, USA
+1 321-250-2826

Sin City Vapor
Vape shop selling an array of e-liquids, starter kits, chargers, batteries & accessories.
Village East Plaza
Las Vegas, NV, USA
+1 702-374-8786

Cigar n Vape Alexandria
(196) · Vaporizer Store
Alexandria, VA, USA
+1 703-212-8670

Tulsa Vapor Store Midtown
Tulsa, OK, USA
+1 918-884-2226

Pure Cigs | Vape Shop
West Melbourne, FL, USA
+1 321-274-1615

Vapor Shark
Kendallgate Shopping Center
Miami, FL, USA
+1 786-272-1602

Boardwalk Elixir (Vapor, Electronic Cigarette, E-Cigs and Vape Shop)
E-cigarettes, flavored liquids & vape accessories sold in a hip boutique with vintage-chic decor.
Kemah, TX, USA
+1 281-339-7434

Houston, TX, USA
+1 281-919-1015

Vapor Shark
Hallandale Beach, FL, USA
+1 954-857-0410

Vapor Bay Tampa

Brandon, FL, USA
+1 813-438-8779
Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM

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