Is Tron a good investment? – Complete Facts about Tron and How to Buy Tron

facts about tron

What is TRON – Facts about Tron

According to their website, they are an ambitious blockchain-based company whose major aim is to establish a true and entirely decentralized internet and its infrastructure.  Is Tron a good investment? Let’s read on and see if it is worth investing on.

They seek to break the power of monopoly companies like Youtube, Apple, Facebook, Amazon etc., has over artists, musicians,  and others by giving them a more open platform where they can release their content without having to use a middle company.

What this means is that these companies will not have much control over users contents, for example you spent a lot of money to make a wonderful video, in order for people to watch it you must upload it to youtube, instantly they take full control of the video and make some cool cash from it too, though you are still going to make money once people begin to watch it but they are ripping you off which to an extent is unfair.

TRON promises to decentralize the internet in a way that owners of resources can truly benefit from it without submitting their items to companies who make money from it than the real owners.

After the 25th June, 2018 Independence (Creation of genesis block), Tron has steadily increased its worth and is gradually becoming one of the top competitive block chains worldwide.  Its profile is steadily increasing and the future of this young and promising company.

Facts about Tron:

TRON is a blockchain-based company owned by Chinese Justin Sun
TRON adapts a DPOS consensus mechanism unlike Ethereum and is ten times faster.
TRON offers no charges on transactions (No gas fees)
In order the enhance their network security they make use of a bandwidth model which enable dAPP developers and other users make fund transfer in a more secure and safe method.
They have a decentralized platform which makes it easier for dAPP developers to easily and conveniently publish contents.
There are no restrictions to content publishing.

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TRON promises great returns in the future and the time to invest in it is now.   This cryptocurrency looks likely to be the destination for entertainment and social media geeks in future, according to investingpr, TRON is expected to trade around $1 in five years, this is enormous and should be taken seriously.

Also, there has been a massive and significant increase in the platform usage which will automatically skyrocket the cryptocurrency higher, more developers throng in daily and are using the platform which is why it promises to be a good investment. This is one of the facts about Tron that seeks to convince anyone to invest.

Their progress has been described as ‘solid’ by expert due to recent activities, TRON enlarged and swept over 31 countries with 2500 nodes in just a week of its Test Net launch and this remarkable fit was despite a bearish market, their Test Net came with completed customizable modules, transactions, nodes and basic network functions.

Just yesterday, TRON’s founder  Justin Sun announced a Specialized Chrome Wallet owned by Tron.  The wallet which was developed by Jake Lin has a wide range of wonderful and unique functions ranging from wallet creation, voting, balance list display, issuing of tokens, receiving tokens, transaction records display, transfer token and issue token, etc.
TRON (TRX) currently peaks at the 10th leading digital currencies worldwide and is proudly trading at $0.0454 per coin.  There has been a 6 percent increase in the last 48hrs.  It has recorded a trading volume amounting to $272.98million and enormous market cap of $2.98 billion in the last 48hrs.
There has been a significant increase in its growth in the last 15days up to 10% and there seem to be no reversal sign, one of the facts about Tron you will not want to miss.
TRON is worth investing and you can simply get it by first buying Ethereum or Bitcoin and exchange for TRON.


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