Feels Like Summer – CHILDISH GAMBINO

Feels Like Summer

CHILDISH GAMBINO – Feels Like Summer

The famous guy is back with the video titled Feels like summer.   The “This is America” hitmaker this time around centers on issues like lack of water, climate change, dying bees etc.

The video as illustrated by Justin Richburg has appearances from  Travis Scott, Kanye West(crying), former first lady Michelle Obama, Nicki Minaj, and a lot of others.

Feels Like Summer is a slack R&B track whose hook is, “You can feel it in the streets, on a day like this the heat, it feels like summer.


It is indeed rib breaking but although some people do not share in this, below is a comment on the video;

This comic video starts with an all-star cast of entertainers enjoying the summer while Bino walks through a neighborhood. Along is Birdman grilling burgers, Migos shooting hoops while Will Smith is washing a car.   There is also 21 Savage, Trippie Redd, Lil Pump and Kodak Black.


What has really got the fans and lots of Americans talking are the celebrity cameos that comes a bit later.


Nicki Minaj’s day ruined by Travis Scott


Nicki Minaj hasn’t been having the best of times lately, she claimed Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner promoting Astroworld using their baby Stormi.  She claimed this is why the album got to number one in the US.

Drake’s bike stolen

Man of the moment Drake chases Future who is riding away on a bike in a mischievous manner. Your

Kanye West crying and Michelle comforts him

This particular scene has got a lot of people moved, Kanye West looks sad in the heels of the recent events happening around him lately especially this year.

He is seen crying wearing a MAGA hat while former first lady Michelle appears from behind to comfort him, awwww this is passionate, isn’t it?

Why Michelle is made to hug Kanye West is a question yet to be answered.

Astonishing Beyonce

Donald Glover and Beyonce both appear in this weird video with Beyonce in a shirt specially paying tribute to Fredo Santana (Chicago rapper).  It is worth knowing that Fredo Santana died earlier this year.

Donald Glover is billed to appear with Beyonce in the remake (live-action) of the famous LION KING.


There are other appearances that make the video weird, you’ve got to watch it.


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