How To Create A Blog For Free From Scratch


This article will fully educate you on how to create a blog for free and make money.  There are different sites that offer free blog services such as


WordPress (most popular)






However, you must know that there are certain limitations in having this free blogging platform. But it is perfectly suitable for new bloggers and people who want to have a personal blog.  You can start blogging with any of these free blogging platforms.

There are many blog sites that have become very popular who started with a free blogging platform, like the very popular Linda Ikeji etc.

Now, how to create a blog for free is relatively easy and this easy step will help you in setting up a blog from the scratch.

WordPress free blogging is also suitable and there are many WordPress themes that are completely free and suitable for beginners.

How To Create A Blog For Free Using Blogger

Let us start setting up free blogs and websites from scratch with blogger;

First, ensure you have a Gmail account ready, then open, click on create a blog.  You will be prompted to sign in to your Gmail account.  After logging in, you will see the image below;

How To Create A Blog For Free

You now choose your blog title, for example, let us use “Help the Youths”, then choose the blog address.  Let us use “youthshelper”.  Then choose among the free themes how you want your blog to look like, not to worry you can always change the design later.

How To Create A Blog For Free

Once this is done, you click on “Create Blog” and boom, you are now a proud owner of a blog.  If you want to see how your blog looks, simply click on “View Blog” at the top left corner of the dashboard.

Now, there are certain customization you may wish to do on your blog, like adding a description to your blog which is very important.  

Click on SETTINGS, at the left panel of the admin dashboard, click EDIT close to the Description option and type in a description about your blog and SAVE CHANGES.

How To Create A Blog For Free

Our blog address is now;  Your next step is to start creating unique posts, simply click on “POST” then NEW POST and start writing.  You can share your posts on social media to start getting traffic. One good thing about this platform is that since it is owned by Google, search engine always they always index them quickly than self-hosted platforms. 

I have written a post on the different ways to monetize your blogs and make money. But first, ensure your site is enriched with valuable contents.  You can hire us to write unique contents for you on your desired topic or niche. 

One thing you should know is that these free blogging platforms offer limited monetization opportunities. But still, if your contents are unique and useful you will still grow your audience and make money.

How To Create A Blog For Free Using WordPress

Setting up a Free WordPress Blogging site is also easy, simply visit, click at GET STARTED, follow the instructions and create your free blog on WordPress as the image below.

How To Create A Blog For Free

The last question “How comfortable are you with creating a website” will determine the online assistance you will get so as a beginner choose either 1, 2 or 3.  Click CONTINUE and insert your domain name or keyword, an option will come out like the image below;

How To Create A Blog For Free

Select the FREE option, you see they have added some numbers to the domain name I provided.  Those are the things you will encounter when opting for a free blog with free domain so I always advise that someone buys a domain to make it look professional.  Anyway, this is a free blog so no qualms, click on START WITH FREE option in the next window.  Then choose your blog name, insert your email address and password to create a WordPress account.

That’s all and you have owned a free WordPress blog, the wp admin is user-friendly. You can now set up other customizations like CREATING A TAGLINE and PUBLISH YOUR FIRST POST. To make people read your blog post simply share them on social media and ensure your contents are worth reading.

I am sure these steps are easy enough to follow. But if you require a site for a business that needs professional design and touch then you can HIRE US to build for you will minimal budget.  Of course, you will have to purchase a unique blog domain name and purchase web hosting from various hosting companies.  I talked about this here.


How To Make Money From Your Blog

One of the major ways of making money from your blog especially in blogger is creating an Adsense account. But first, you should have enough contents.  This is because Google values unique contents, blog design and how long the blog has been in existence.

You cannot expect to start making money from your blog right from the first day. Understand that you need time to add quality contents to your blog in order to attract advertising companies.  There are over 40 million blogs online so you must be ready to work and stand out.


How To Create Adsense Account For Blogger

If you have had enough contents (at least 15  unique contents) then you can give it a try by visiting your blogger dashboard. 

Click on EARNINGS, if your blog qualifies for Adsense.  You will be told there so you just follow the instructions to apply. 

If your blog does not qualify, not to worry keep posting contents and sharing on social media. Soon it will change or you can hire us to handle the blog for 2 weeks and make it qualify for earnings.

You can also read Google Adsense Tips on How To Qualify Here, this will help you understand what is needed and what you should do. 

Recently, it has become somehow difficult to get Google Adsense approval from Nigeria.  Well, this is because most Nigerians do not understand blogging and if we tutor you properly, you will find these things relatively easy.

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