How To Lose Arm Fat – Complete Guide with Video


Flabby Arm fat has gradually gained prominence over the years for the wrong reason though.  You find that flabby bit hanging from your arms so inconveniencing, most times they stick out of your bras.  Yes, they make you choose certain clothes to wear, you are ashamed of wearing sleeveless tops because of your flabby arms, you’ve probably wondered How To Lose Arm Fat.

We are making use of simple English Language on this post to ensure our audience understand every bit of this post and achieve a maximum result as you carry out these methods, please feel free to ask questions and as well share with your friends.

Have you ever waved at a friend and that arm fat swings continuously even after you stopped waving, the good news is there is a solution, you are not alone on this, many women are going through this problem and we have carefully researched and come up with ways you can shape up, eliminate that extra arm fat and start wearing your favorite clothes once again.

One thing you must know is that there is really no customized exercise to lose arm fat, our body circulates fat across major parts and it is almost certain that having arm fat indicates you must have had excess fat on other parts of your body too, correct? Yes!  Well, let us get on, follow these instructions carefully and you will surely smile.

How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat

Wear Arm Trimmers When Exercising: 

There are specially made cellulite wraps made specifically for arms,  I especially recommend using them during exercise, this will help push down the fat as you stretch and exercise yourself.  You do not have to wear them only when you are exercising, you can wear them anytime you are home or free, research has shown that constantly wearing Arm Trimmers has increased Arm Fat trimming by 80%.  You can get a recommended, tested and 100% result guaranteed Arm Trimmer here:  LODAY Neoprene Arms Trimmer Sauna Sweat Bands for Women 


Bicep curls

Constantly engaging in bicep curls has proven to be one of the fastest means to lose arm fat.  This is simple, raise and lower your arm in a 180-degree motion, start with your arms on your waist then take it up to your shoulder, do this as many times as possible.  You can hold a lightweight object to put a little pressure on the arms, you can use jogs filled with water etc.

How To Lose Arm Fat

Triceps Swings

This method is a natural arm flattener and works magic, simply stretch your hands and swing them sidewards forward up and backward up.  This will not only enhance blood circulation but also pushes down arms fats and also build your arm muscles to blend with the fat as well as firm them up. 

How To Lose Arm Fat

Increase Protein Intake

Research has shown that protein increases your muscle synthesis by 25 percent, losing fat in your arms with need your muscle to get stronger.  Add extra protein to your diet while engaging in the programs mentioned above will take you there faster.  You can get OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD 100% Whey Protein Powder if you may have problems in identifying food that contains protein.


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One-Arm Press

This is one quick magic maker, it requires consistency and you are sure of the result.  You can make use of any lightweight object to achieve faster results.  While standing, flex both arms while bringing them close to your chest.   Raise one arm above your head while lowering the other one a shown in the image below, exchange arm positions continuously for about 20 times.

How To Lose Arm Fat

Shoulder T

As shown in the image below; the muscles in the shoulders can create an awesome and beautiful look when you train properly.

How To Lose Arm Fat

One-Arm Kickback

This program works on your shoulder, biceps and your back.  Bend down and keep one of your knees on the bench as shown in the image below, while keeping the other leg straight on the ground you place one palm on the bench.  As usual, if you do not have a dumbbell you can make use of any lightweight object.  Keep your arm at 90-degree angle and close to your arm.  Repeat for about 10 times then change position and do same on the other arm.

How To Lose Arm Fat

Tricep Dip Exercise

This exercise targets the tricep muscle, when done properly it strengthens your arms and greatly eliminates arm fat.  This is the best answer to ‘How to Lose Arm Fat” without having to visit the gym.  There is a popular saying that ‘If you learn how to do Tricep Dips you will learn how to love your arms’.  Yes, this is obviously true and to do this is simple.  You can use a chair to do it or on the floor.  You simply raise and lower your bodyweight; this engages your triceps and deltoids as shown in the image below.   


With Sit

How To Lose Arm Fat


Without Sit

How To Lose Arm Fat


Reverse Table Top Plank Exercise

While this may be pretty difficult for some people but it is one of the best methods to lose arm fat, this stretches both your arm and chest.  It is a wonderful move that strengthens your lower back as well as glutes.  Please follow the method as shown in the image below.  Simply lie down first with your back on the floor then slowly lift yourself upstarts with both hands then followed by both legs.  You can stay up for about 20-30 seconds be time. 

How To Lose Arm Fat

It is absolutely and nearly impossible not to achieve a positive result after taking these methods into practice.  In all please if you can have your arm trimmer while engaging in these exercises it will yield result faster because while you are shaking up the fats the arm trimmers are helping you at the same time to blend them up with your muscles.


I hope this guide will be extremely useful and you can help others too by sharing the link to them or in groups.  Please watch exclusive video on How to Get Rid of Arm Fat on the next page.


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