How to make money online in Nigeria

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria – Complete Guide

This comprehensive guide on how to make money online in Nigeria is aimed at educating both young and old man or woman in Nigeria whose sole aim is to earn either extra income or start an online business as his or her main source of income.

This post will attempt to answer the following questions;

  • how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime

  • how to make money online in Nigeria as a student

  • how can you make money online with 1000 naira

  • how to make naira online 

  • online business in Nigeria that pays 

  • list of online business in Nigeria 

  • how to make money online with google

I have been on the internet for over 10 years now and have gained so much experience, right from the days of blogging till now, I have gained so much experience on earning money online.  There are so much business opportunities online that if you pay attention and read carefully, you will learn a lot and will be able to start your online business and earn money online from home. 

The beauty of online business is that you can work from home, all you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and a smartphone.  Now, I am not going to dwell on much grammar, I want to teach the average youth how to start making money online in Nigeria without so much stress, even as a mother or father who wants to earn additional money online or want to have a successful business online, this article is for you, but you should note that for every business to grow, you need to put in a little hard work so be ready to work hard at first.

Bear in mind that Nigeria is the 8th largest users of the internet according to Internet Live Stat, this is enormous, remember that Nigeria has over 180million population and almost half of that figure are online.  You can now see how open and juicy the market is, after reading this article, you have no excuse not to succeed online if you implement all that I will say.  

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Let us start on How to make money online in Nigeria, follow me closely and you will smile at last.


This is a very wide field and a lot of money to be made, now how do you understand blogging?  Blogging is not what most Nigerians are doing that is why most of them fail after a long run, most people lack the patience to build their blog slowly and at the end of the day engage in plagiarism, posting substandard articles and end up killing the blog’s ranking in the search engine.

How to make money online in nigeria

Blogging is simply a personal web blog that enables you to share ideas, what is happening around you and other information online to online users.  Like this site now, what we are doing is blogging, we are giving you ideas on making money online in Nigeria, this is blogging.  It is as simple as that, all you need to do is to offer quality contents, articles that will contribute positively to your audience, that is what is needed. 

But there are different niche and some niche have different approaches and requirement.  This page will be updated very soon with full information on blogging, please bookmark our site.

Now, you steadily grow your audience by posting relevant ideas, tips, information etc., I always say that your close friends are your first audience.  There are ways you grow your blog organically and before you say jack! You are up there.  All you need is to start from somewhere.  There are websites in Nigeria that are earning bringing so much income to owners.

There are many ways of making money from your blog, like monetizing your traffic with Google Adsense etc., READ HERE



This is another big business opportunity online that offers you great chance to make money online in Nigeria.  Freelancing is simply offering your services online and getting paid for it.  There are many areas you can offer your services such are; article writing, proofreading, graphics design, website design, general office assistance, etc.  I know of many young guys that are making hundreds of thousands money from Fiverr, most of them write articles, design website or proofreading, email marketing etc.

How to make money online in nigeria

There are major freelancing sites that allow you to register with them and offer your services but I will recommend these two below; 

I have personally earned over $5,000 from Fiverr and I must say it is a very lucrative online business, all you need is a laptop, phone and internet connection.  There are a few tricks you need to learn if you want to succeed in Fiverr here in Nigeria though.  For a complete guide on how to Make Money on Fiverr, click here.


Online Store

An online store is a page or website you sell a product or service to your clients.   At first, this was like a very tough business venture but social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have made it very simple to have an online store without even owning a website.  All you need is a Facebook business page which takes a few minutes to set up.  I must always say here that you need to fully optimize your page to make it look professional. 

How to make money online in nigeria

Put your target customers in your shoe, how will a page look like to grab your attention and make you want to buy from them? 

You can do mini importation from countries like China and sell them online.  If you need a complete guide on this kindly call +2349069164502.  We will gladly put your through and ensure you come back on this page to give a testimony but also note you will need to put in a little hard work to come out victorious.

If you have connection overseas in countries like Italy, America, Dubai etc., you can import products from there and sell here.  Make sure to research and know the particular item that is in high demand and get them to sell on your website or social media page. 


Youtube Channel – Video

Youtube has over 5 billion views daily, this stats are so mouthwatering that you cannot overestimate its worth.  You can create amazing videos and upload them on youtube.  Ensure to monetize these videos there and you will wreck in thousands of dollars monthly.

For a complete guide on how to make money on youtube, click here.  There are different videos you can upload there like;

 Tutorials – you post teach people how to do certain things you know, like cooking, how to fix up some stuff at home, web design, makeups etc.
Comedy – I am sure you must have heard of Mark Angel and Emmanuel, these guys are making millions off Youtube by uploading their comedy videos there.  Ensure that your videos are unique and crazy ideas, then watch your channel grow.
Vlog – This is where you can record your daily life and put them up, this niche is very lucrative and many guys are doing it as their main job.  You can post your videos on fitness, daily events, picnics etc. and if you have a large Youtube channel then the money is yours.  See video below
Product Review – search for trending products and write a comprehensive review about them then talk about it and upload on Youtube, many companies will pay you lots to have their products reviewed but that will be when your personality has grown so start by searching for the products yourself, talk about it and post there, your aim at this point is to have loyal fans who keep turning up in your channel to watch videos. 

You should know that many people like watching tutorials on products they want to purchase, this is because of large numbers of fake and inferior products online.

There are certain requirements from google though before monetization can be enabled on your videos which are that you must have at least 1,000 subscribers in 12 months and at least 4,000 watch hours. 

This is very easy to have, read how to become a millionaire within a few weeks on Youtube.

It is easy, simply go to any of the search engines like google; search for trending products, you can do that on google trend to know what Nigerians are really searching for, I always advise that if possible you can purchase the product yourself and use it, nothing trips people that an in-depth analysis of something from someone who has a personal experience on the product.  Start with little trending items you can purchase with a few dollars. 

See, let me be sincere with you, do not go into online business without planning to spend at least a few thousand, it will not work.  Forget about people who say “earn money online without spending any money”  it is not true,  nothing good comes easy but that does not mean you will spend so much, a little is required so you can actually get the right method and do it right.  


Affiliate Marketing

Start affiliate marketing today and make money online in Nigeria without having to buy those things yourself and sell.  All you need is to register with these companies, they will give you a custom link on each product which you will either put on your site or social media page and earn percentages for each sale.  It is a very lucrative business online but requires you to build a good audience.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is very sweet and less stressful because you are actually advertising what has already been made available, you just copy the product information, add a little text trying to make it attractive to your audience then put it up.  The site will give you a dashboard where you can monitor your traffic, sales etc., so as to know how much you earn monthly. 

There are companies in Nigeria that offer affiliate programs like;

Amazon, Jumia, Konga, Bet9ja, Wakanow, Etc.

For a complete list of High Paying Affiliates Companies in Nigeria, click here


Graphics Design

Are you a graphic designer? The world has so changed, you can sell your designs online on sites like Fiverr and make serious money. 

There has been a significant increase in new companies springing up and they need eye-catching designs.  Join relevant groups on Facebook and offer your services.  Get your friends to share your designs on their wall.  You can create a Facebook business page where you upload all your designs online. 

Instagram is another selling point for graphics designers, just create an account and upload your work there, try to follow top influencers in your niche and do lots of tagging and hashtags when posting. 


Online Surveys

You can make a lot of money online in Nigeria by filling out some online surveys for research companies.  These monies come as a reward from research companies for filling surveys and testing new products, search for companies offering monies for online surveys and do it at the comfort of your home.


I have really done a personal research and discovered that a lot of Nigerians are not taking advantage of the various business opportunities online and make significant income, either most of them do not have the required information on what to do.

I am going to ensure that I give you not only information but proper guidance and ensure you become successful.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comment below as I will spend the time to enlighten you on what to do, you can also call 09069164502 or send me a message on

There are so many online businesses that are paying so much, you just need to do it right and rest is history. Please enable notifications from this page, just refresh this page and the enable notification bar will appear. Keep visiting this page and you will never stop coming back because you will earn money online the way you have never earned before.


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