An effective utilization of the magnificent powers of the media can richly prop up your business; it can promote your brand and events if you can properly harness its powers and use them effectively.  Using the right media platform and channeling it to the right audience can ensure a vast growth of your business.  We are going to deeply explore the different media angles so as to help you achieve your desired goal as you attempt using the media for your business.

First, let us delve into the meaning of ‘Media’.  The word media is the plural form of medium, media is the various vehicles of information circulation, it is the means by which certain individuals, organizations etc., send information with the aim of creating maximum public awareness and orientation as the case may be.

We are however going to focus on the two categories of media;

  1. Traditional Media
  2. Digital or New Media

TRADITIONAL MEDIA:  We can call this the conventional or ancient media category, this makes use of outlets like Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and General Print Press Platforms.  Yes, this category is till efficient in today’s world, finding the right option can be very profitable.

DIGITAL OR NEW MEDIA:  This is the trending media category which involves, of course, the social media, Video channels, Digital Radio, Blogs, Digital Publications, Streaming TV, etc.  It will be deemed fit to say that this category involves mainly the use of the internet.  The different channels in this category are internet based channels.


The main difference between the traditional media versus digital media is the audience reach.  The traditional media though effective has limited audience reach and sometimes it could be limited to the area where that information is shared since it involves specific masses in a particular location who have access to any of the platforms used in sending the information. For example, if the channel used is Radio, this information will only be available to people who can access the station that is giving the information and at a particular time which is one of the limiting factors.  The newspaper channel has an edge however over the Radio channel because the information may not be only available for a specific time, unlike the television and Radio channels.  The newspaper has its limitation because many individuals may not buy the particular newspaper used in sending out the information.

If you desire to use this channel in marketing your business then it is always advised to make use of the newspaper with the largest audience and most times go for newspapers dealing with the niche of your business.  For example, if your business is about health, it will be most beneficial to advertise on Health Magazines because 95% of the readers must have read the magazine due to their interest in health.

The traditional media targets the masses of a particular region while the digital media targets individuals.

The Digital media like we said before are the internet-based media channels.  This is presently the most effective means of information circulation and advertisement.  If you properly make use of these channels then positive results are guaranteed.  To promote your business online is very lucrative and cost-effective, this is saying that you can spend fewer amounts and achieve greater results.  Advertisements that are properly optimized can boost your business and sales effectively.  It can also catapult your business to the top.

Under the digital media, channels like social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) are very sure ways of promoting your business.  Apart from promoting your business, they help you build loyal clients and fans, they help build your business reputation in a great way.

Leverage the power of the digital media and promote your business in an enormous mode.   To promote your business on social media you can commence by creating business pages on each of the social media channels, gradually develop your fan base and put up engaging posts about your products, create online awareness of your brand daily and you will be smiling home.

Using blogs is another very important means of promoting your business under digital media.  You can either create a blog for your business or you get other blogs to write about your business, get individuals to write reviews about your business as this will influence your online prestige positively.  Getting authority blogs to write on your business is a sure way of promoting your business.

The Traditional media is effective and you can properly harness its powers to promote your business, however, the digital media proves to be more effective and less expensive but surely very powerful means of promoting your business.


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