Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica

Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica

Have you been going through the physical and medical trauma of vaginal atrophy and you are located in Santa Monica?  Then this post is for you, we made a survey on the various options available for women going through this problem and came up with tested and trusted Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica specialist, but before then let us briefly explain what Vaginal Atrophy is.


This is caused by a decrease in estrogen, it is sometimes referred to as vaginal aging.  It makes the vaginal wall to become thinner.  This condition is common among menopausal and post-menopausal women and makes sexual intercourse extremely painful. 


It is also a condition whereby the vagina losses its level of blood supply and natural elasticity. 


Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica

 Below is a list of trusted Mona Lisa Touch Specialist in Santa Monica


Shamsah Amersi, MD – 2825 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 320, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 264-5600


Dr. Amersi is a leading OB/GYN who serves patients in and around Santa Monica and the surrounding Los Angeles area. At her practice, Dr. Amersi offers patients advanced treatment of vaginal conditions related to hormonal changes. Using the MonaLisa Touch system, Dr. Amersi can help to restore normal vaginal function and relieve discomfort.


Women’s Healthcare Associates of Santa Monica – OB/GYNs & Urogynecologists located in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA

Phone:  (310) 453-6767


By getting treatments with the MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser at Women’s Healthcare Associates of Santa Monica, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse soon becomes a thing of the past. This Santa Monica, California, practice, under the guidance of an expert team of OB/GYNs, offers this minimally invasive procedure to women who have uncomfortable vaginal issues.

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Caroline Colin, MD – Santa Monica

Phone:  (310) 829-0080

Dr. Caroline Colin offers patients the best in vaginal rejuvenation.


Tristan Emily Bickman MD – 1245 16th Street, Suite 312, Santa Monica, CA

Phone:  (310) 587-9280), (310) 453-1982

As a leading OB-GYN in the Santa Monica, CA, area, Dr. Bickman uses the state-of-the-art MonaLisa Touch laser system to reduce symptoms of vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and chronic vaginal infections in women with vaginal atrophy and low levels of natural estrogen.


Santa Monica Women’s Health – 2001 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 970-W, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone:  (310) 829-7878

Santa Monica Women’s Health are so pleased to be able to offer their patients The Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment. This CO2 fractional laser is designed to stimulate collagen production in the vagina and on the vulva thereby reversing the vaginal atrophy and dryness that for many women develop in menopause and can cause pain with intercourse and chronic vaginal itching and burning.


Dr. Nadini Verma – 1807 Wilshire Boulevard Suite C, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Phone: (310) 828-1000

She is a board certified OB/GYN serving the residents of Santa Monica and many of the nearby Los Angeles, California area communities. She specializes in several different treatment options that help bring women’s hormone levels back into balance and correct issues that have been caused by hormone imbalances, including MonaLisa Touch.


Emily Sikking, MD – OBGYN located in Santa Monica, CA

Phone:  (310) 264-1820

Age and life experience can change the internal shape of the vagina, creating problems and inconveniences that interfere with quality of life. Emily Sikking, MD/OBGYN, provides non-invasive MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation to improve patient health, wellness, and confidence.

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Womens Clinic LA – OB/GYNs located in Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA & El Segundo, CA

Phone: 310-826-1101

With age or after having a baby, many women may experience troublesome symptoms like vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, itching, and burning from fluctuating hormones. At Womens Clinic LA with offices in Los Angeles and El Segundo, California, nurse practitioners Raisa Howard and Mallory Guagenti offer MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser therapy to women in West Los Angeles and the South Bay. Open six days a week for your convenience, call now or book an appointment at Womens Clinic LA online.


Who Needs MonaLisa Touch

Women who have recurrent infections, vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence, also those who have had other contraindications to estrogen therapy, breast cancer, thrombophlebitis.




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