Read about the amazing Whatsapp Feature some Facebook users are getting right now!

Social media giant Facebook has brought out a controversial new feature in a continuous attempt to smudge the gap between its social media platform and it’s WhatsApp messaging service.

The messaging service Whatsapp was bought over by Facebook in 2014 for a whopping sum of $19billion, since then they have been making an incessant effort looking for ways to generate revenue off the platform by monetizing it.

The new feature will enable Facebook users to share information across to WhatsApp from the social media platform straight away.

The feature currently has been made available to most facebook app beta users as a way of test running it, as at this time there has been no official date of a general release of the feature.

Astonished? Well don’t, this is just a tip of the iceberg on this amazing feature, it seems to be an app-based feature and may not likely work on browsers but it promises to offer an awesome addition to the wonderful social media experience that Facebook offers.

The feature has the following options; Share Now (Friends), Send as Message, Share on a friend’s Timeline and Share to a Page, the new feature added will now appear as Send to Whatsapp.

The link of the particular shared post will be sent to the WhatsApp receiver who will now be able to open it on his or her device, images as well be displayed on WhatsApp when shared.

The general guess is that this is a brilliant effort to get more Whatsapp users to create facebook accounts since each receiver will require a Facebook account in order to view the view sent to him or her, wow!!! Nice move.  Through this move, Facebook can now make money from the message service with no need to compromise with adverts, great business strategy.

In a recent earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “WhatsApp Status grows quickly and its growth doesn’t just stop”

He also stated categorically clear that over three million people in the last few months are actively using WhatsApp Business. This according to him is growing quickly and it’s a sure hit.

Whatsapp is undoubtedly an untapped goldmine for Facebook, boasting over 300 million daily active users it is surely a great move in bringing in ideas like Whatsapp Business, Whatsapp Status and then this super great idea of linking Whatsapp and Facebook, it is surely a super money making move.

However, if this controversial feature will be well received by social media users is what we are yet to know.

Already, a well pronounced online site; has already erred their fears saying that the feature could indeed be very annoying.

In their article, they feel that users will no longer be retreating to WhatsApp to escape the regular updates from their ‘friends’ because it will become easier to share posts on the messaging app.

Though technically, this has always been the case. Social media users can decide to ‘Copy Link’ then paste it into their preferred messenger app. The controversial feature only lessens the number of taps needed.

Facebook did something like this last year, they allowed “Story” on their Facebook app to be connected to Instagram stories to by users.  There has been no negative reaction from online users and also has not had any negative repercussion on the company so we do hope this new feature will be different.

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