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Snap Finance

This post aims at reviewing the financial institution called Snap Finance with the aim of giving you a full review of its modus operandi and also help you decide whether to use their services or not.

Snap Finance is a financial institution located in West Valley City, Utah, operating on what we call the rent-to-own (RTO) financing platform.

It is vital to understand what Rent-to-own means; it’s a process or facility that enables you to make a purchase of certain vital housing needs when you do not have money handy.  That is, for example, you intend replacing your mattress but you don’t have cash at hand, Rent-to-own allows you make a purchase of the mattress and repay over time usual 8-12 months.  The process of getting qualified for this credit facility is not usually cumbersome.

There are various benefits of Rent-to-own Financing such as;


  • Easy Approval

Getting their approvals doesn’t require lots of verifications, credit card blah blah blah.  It is straight up.  According to Snap Finance, they do not pull your FICO credit score to know if you are qualified.


  • Budget Friendly

If you need affordable payments then this process fit perfectly.


  • 100-Day Cash Payoff

Balancing your budget becomes more flexible due to early payoff options


For Snap Finance offering these services, their conditions are simple;

  • You should be 18years or more
  • Have a steady source of income of at least $1,000
  • You have a steady checking account.


While the Rent-to-own facility has been used over the years mainly by stores with limitations of not having varieties of what a customer needs, Snap Finance aims at bridging this gap and ensuring that customers enjoy the services in virtually all their needs.

It is simple, you need something you do not have cash presently to make a purchase, Snap Finance simply make a purchase of the product then rent it to you, they now allow you make repayment for this product within a period of 12 months afterward the product becomes yours.

Simply say “they are Virtual Rent-to-own service providers.

Now, what makes them unique?

I think the image below explains everything……

  • Their approval process is flexible
  • They offer financing options for various items as provided on their site like; Furniture,  Mattress, Tire and Wheel, Jewelry, Electronic as well as Fitness Blog Financing.
  • They partner with reliable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure customers get quality products at affordable price.
  • You can get approved regardless of your credit history, awesome!
  • They give you the opportunity to improve your credit history.
  • If you may not be able to make payment on time, they will help protect your interest which is their core value.
  • They offer up to $3,000 credit facility which is outstandingly remarkable.
  • They give you freedom of choosing where and when to shop after getting approved.
  • Funds can be downloaded as a virtual card instantly.
  • Approval takes few seconds or at most one minute.
  • They don’t obtain credit from traditions credit agencies
  • Clients are not approved based on their traditional credit scores.


Apart from the services they offer clients, they also promote local businesses massively by allowing producers and suppliers to become their merchants.    This helps them earn more loyal customers and many more sales.

Becoming their merchant is relatively easy and straightforward, follow the link HERE TO APPLY

To apply for their Rent-to-own facility is simple, click HERE TO APPLY


Going through their site, I read some reviews that really got me enticed, see them below;



I will rightly and confidently advice you afford yourself the chance of enjoying this remarkable services offered by Snap Finance.

I feel they are trustworthy, efficient and customer friendly.  Visit their website now: SNAP FINANCE





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