A spider’s web could be defined as a thread constructed by spiders from its secreted fluids for preys.  Another definition of a web is a thin layer of skin between the toes of some birds and animals that help them to swim well, but we will not be discussing this particular web today, our focus is on the Spider’s Web meaning and Internet Web Meaning.

The spider’s web is being produced by spiders as its weapon for catching inserts and other vulnerable preys, however, the internet web comes with a different meaning entirely different from these other meanings.  So you could see that the word WEB has much meaning depending on the context to which it is being used.

Let us now look into the Internet Web Meaning.

INTERNET WEB is derived from the word WORLD WIDE WEB (also abbreviated as WWW), which means a very large collection of documents, pictures, sounds, or any media files etc., stored on computers in many different places and connected through the Internet.

The internet web meaning, therefore, deals with the storage and management of information on the internet.  This information could be publicized to the public through different mediums.  Generally, nowadays when anyone makes mention of the word “Web”, the listener will immediately think he or she is referring to the internet web meaning.  The is because the internet web meaning seems to be the only definition of the web that plays a major role in our daily activities today that one will not be wrong if they actually forget the web meaning with respect to spiders and animals.

The web or the internet is now the major means of communication and business transactions throughout the world, it has gone to a point that if your business or organization is not represented online, such business or company may not reach the largest possible customer it should meet.  Well, we are not focusing on the benefits of WEB or INTERNET today.  Our focus is on the Spider’s web meaning and Internet web meaning.

These two phrases are however related in a particular aspect, the aspect of connection, as you will know, the spider’s web is a thread or net of simply sticky silk threads, these threads are joined or linked together. This is also applied in the Internet Web, the act of linking everyone together without restrictions, the act of free flow of information between individuals without much hindrances and impossibilities are what make the Spider’s Web and Internet Web closely related.

Our daily communication and business transactions are now easy through the use of the internet or web, but funny enough, many individuals may not know the Internet Web meaning and this is why it is important to bring up this topic.  A recent survey shows that students in Higher Institutions are unable to understand correctly the Internet Web meaning, this is disheartening and unbelievably true.

Most people may define the Internet Web as anything done online or social media but that is not the correct Internet Web meaning.  There is, therefore, a need to be really informed and versed with the Internet Web meaning in other to be fully able to harness the many magnificent and awesome features of the Internet Web and gain positive results.  The Internet Web is undoubtedly beneficial to humanity, its emergence has really made things easy, communication, business transactions, information circulation etc., has been made easy, needless to say, that life has been generally made easy by the Internet Web.


The objective and sole aim of this article are to educate people on the Internet Web Meaning and Spider’s Web Meaning and it is our hope that we achieve a positive result.


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