Addiction could be seen as a brain disease, it is quite damaging,  entering into the world of addiction is relatively easy though it must have started gradually to quit becomes a problem.

Misdemeanor, theft, petty crime; prison expenses; court and criminal costs; child abuse and neglect and the ensuing legal, foster, and welfare costs are all sturdily linked to drug and alcohol abuse.  So it will be right to say that combating drug addiction in New York automatically insinuate combating crime.  These two things are directly linked together.

There are many factors that hinder a successful recovery from drug addiction, especially in a city like New York with a large population of people from diverse backgrounds and nationality.

Some of these factors are:

  1. Exposure to Drugs after Rehabilitation:

Imagine a kid who was exposed to drugs in his environment to return to that same environment after rehabilitation, meet up with drug using old buddies, walk across lamppost where he or she used to buy drugs from, these conditioned cues will definitely create a negative impact on his recovery level and increase/triggers cravings. In a city like New York this is incredibly common, this has been a major setback in addiction recovery.

  1. Stress:

We know that most addictions are products of attempted stress management decisions, an individual who has been addicted to narcotic drugs will find it difficult to quit as this may spell automatic reunion with stress, at this point stress management orientation should be imparted to the addict, be aware that addiction is a brain disease so it will be nice if one takes gradual and slow process to overcome addiction.  Studies have shown that 40% addicts between 40 – 60 ages in New York city where dragged into drug addiction while trying to manage stress.  There is, therefore, a need to first find out the root of the addiction while offering addiction recovery counseling and treatment.

  1. Environment Rejection:

Being rude or segregating a drug addict is simply another means of pushing him or her deeply into drugs.  Drug addicts are still our friends, brothers, and partners, we need to show them that we care, it is a psychological thing and if properly applied will definitely yield positive results.  ‘Science and Kindness can help people change, this, therefore, means that parents are also major players in the fight against addictions, most parents in New York do not spend time with the kids and even if they do it is more like a Boss and Servant kind of conversation, negative accusatory tones are constant nagging are very wrong ways of helping kids, loves, partners or brothers recover from drug addiction.

Most young lads drink to alleviate crippling anxiety and ease persistent melancholy, taking this consistently gives birth to addiction, in this situation, it will be relatively impossible to quit using the fire brigade approach, so it’s best if taken slowly and strategically.

Manhattan addiction psychiatry plays a major role in addiction recovery, it is better to educate addicts first on the negative effect of drugs in their present and future lives, it is pertinent to create this awareness first.

Untreated drug abuse not only harmfully affects users and addicts, but it affects entire communities.  Most addicts were pushed into it by buddies because they probably have seen them used it often and got influenced and in a city like New York it is very usual to have these set of folks around.


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