Ways To Lower Car Insurance For Young Drivers In South Carolina 2019

Ways To Lower Car Insurance For Young Drivers

These are sure ways to lower car insurance for young drivers in South Carolina and we hope you find this information completely useful.  Below are the different questions we will provide answers for;

How can car insurance be cheaper for young drivers?

How can I lower my car insurance rates?

Can you drive your parents car without being on the insurance?

What is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

What is the best car insurance for young drivers?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina?


Auto Insurance rates for young drivers are usually higher due to the fact that young drivers between 18 – 24 years are usually riskiest and as such they are more likely to make claims often.  A car insurance company when offering auto insurance coverage to a teen driver will put certain factors into consideration.  We will get to this point; let us now go into sure ways to lower car insurance for young drivers in America especially in South Carolina and Georgia.


How can car insurance be cheaper for young drivers?

Consider “Telematics”

Also called “Black Box” is a great option for young drivers who seek to reduce their premiums.  Telematics insurance could be said to be a form of auto insurance where the black box or telematics box is installed in your car.  This box measure and reports how you drive, where and when you drive.  It is a great way of lowering your premiums, according to MoneySuperMarket you could save an average of £385.25. This is deep so lad, go get it.


Third Part isn’t always the cheapest

Among the three types of car insurance; third party is usually considered to be the cheapest because it is offers a less cover than fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft.

But sometimes auto insurances companies feel people choosing the third party insurance are of more risk than others and as such affect their premiums.  You may need to consider fully comprehensive in some cases and it may even be surprisingly cheaper.   


Add Second Or Third Drivers

Yes, this could reasonable reduce your premium.  Try adding one or two older people with a good driving records and your premium might just reduce significantly.  This is because; those with good driving records will affect your premium positively. 

Make sure they second or third driver drives your car reasonably and do not commit fronting by adding someone as a main driver just to get cheapest car insurance when they are not, this is a crime and the effect may be disastrous.  


Limit Risk and Increase Security

Another way to lower car insurance costs is to minimize risk by taking some measures like paring your car in a driveway or garage overnight, avoid leaving your car in the street overnight because your car insurance company will surely see this as a risk and will skyrocket your auto insurance cost.

Try adding some security features to your car like immobiliser and alarm because cars with more security features always attract cheaper insurance cost and you can save money from this.


Avoid Over-Pimping Your Car

You should be aware that making modifications to your car without informing your insurer may invalidate your policy, so always ensure to inform them.  There are some changes you make to your care that will likely reduce or bar security ones which will likely get you more insurance charges.


Add a Little Tweaking to Your Job Description

This method has proven helpful in lowering your insurance premiums.  Please note that this is not saying you should lie about your job description, just garnish it and make it look more formal.  Simple rewording your job description could save you lots of money.


Do Not Auto-Renew

Most car insurance companies do take undue advantage of loyal customers, sometime the cost of auto renewal get higher than new policy even within the same insurer.  Note when your premium expires, make a research on the current rate from other insurers then get in contact with your insurer and inquire if theirs will match with other, if they do then you give in.


Make Proper Decision on the Coverage you need

Learn the different types of auto insurance coverage and which one really suites you.  You can read more on the auto insurance here:  Best Affordable Car Insurance in South Carolina and Insurance Rates


How can I lower my car insurance rates?

As a young driver, you want to lower your car insurance rate so as to be able to pay them without stress.  There are few strategies that you can implement and lower your car insurance costs, find some of them below;

Have a good driving record: This is essential if you want to lower your auto insurance rate because most insurers would not want to lower your premium if you have bad driving record.

Shop around and compare other insurers:  prices vary from company to company. It will be better if you shop around and compare insurers offer before giving in.

Compare Insurance Cost for cars before buying:  yes, different cars have different insurance cost, make research and compare their prices before you even purchase a car.  We have made a comprehensive list that will give you a hint on Insurance Rates for Different Cars in America.

Adding to this, you can read more information on how to lower your insurance cost here.


Can You Drive Your Parents Car Without Being On The Insurance?

The most certain answer to this question is “NO”.  You must have at least a third party cover, you cannot drive your parents’ car without being on the Insurance.  You either have auto insurance or you are a named driver on their own policy. 

Your parents can add you as a driver to their policy in other to reduce cost.


What is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

Well, this could be a tricky question but certain the coverage that best suitable for young driver would be a Third Part Cover.  However, it is also observed that young drivers are the riskiest and they tend to damage their cars more often than older drivers. 


Find below the cheapest cars to insure for young drivers according to MoneySuperMarket:

Car manufacturer and make Average annual cost of car insurance
SEAT Mii £766.08
Ford KA £798.56
Fiat 500 £809.76
Volkswagen up! £813.12
Peugeot 107 £814.24
Kia Picanto £824.99
Mini One £824.99
Citroën C1 £825.44
Hyundai i10 £831.115
Suzuki Alto £832.05


What is the best car insurance for young drivers?

There is a different between cheapest car insurance and best car insurance.  As a youngster, realistically you are bound to face some unfortunate situations as a result of inexperience and probably that’s your first car, additionally the youthful exuberance as well as the excitement of having a car could affect your choice of insurance coverage.  The most suitable coverage for young drivers is the fully comprehensive coverage. 

It covers bodily injury, both others and yourself even if the fault is from you or damaged the car yourself, it covers you and your car.  Also you may want to consider liability coverage which involves property damage or damage you could cause to people while on the road which is different from the fully comprehensive coverage.  Just look inward and decide which coverage is most suitable for you.


Who has the cheapest auto insurance in South Carolina?

Find below according to StateCompanyAverage;

South Carolina Allstate $769
South Carolina Geico $883
South Carolina Progressive $1,399
South Carolina Nationwide $1,453
South Carolina State Farm $1,938



There is different insurance policy for some states and you should find the insurance policy for the state you reside.  Safe driving is the key to a lower insurance premium which gives birth to a good driving record. 




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