WEALTH THERAPIST – Why you need them


Taking a wealth therapy should really be encouraged in today’s world.  There is a popular saying that “more money more problem”.  This is not just a mere saying, it is a reality, and in fact, most wealthy individuals are going through serious trauma managing their wealth both physically and psychologically.  The aspect of managing wealth psychologically could be very tricky and needs proper and accurate approaches in other to arrive at a positive upshot.

This is how it goes, you are extremely wealthy and belong to the 1 percent category of wealthy persons, you have it all, you do not wake up with thoughts on how to generate money to pay some bills, how to feed the kids, the mortgage to your residence, these do not exist in your world.   Well, it is a sweet world you are living in but hold on!!! Who said it was all sweet?

Your wealth gradually unveils isolation, you feel isolated by friends who on their own part feel they do not belong to your 1percent club, they feel inferior to you and as such, they do not feel comfortable coming around you, yes this is true and you are not finding it funny.

You start having trust issues, yes this grows in your heart, you do not really know who among your friends really like you or they are just around because of the green bucks.  This is really frustrating as you could misinterpret every move they make, you need wealth therapy!!

According to Bobby “Honestly, this just confirms what I’ve been saying for most of my life. That no one should have that kind of power. Indeed because it warps their minds. I personally, long outgrew my childhood dreams of obscene riches. Being the person I am today, I would never want to be that rich”.

Raising and imbibing good qualities into your kids in a wealthy environment is a very difficult task. The presence of wealth eliminates the zeal for determination in the kids’ mind, it does not allow them to build their characters, struggles help build character, zeal, grit, and determination, there is little or no time for character molding and advice from wealthy parents to their kids.

It’s not just old money that disturbs rich individuals psyches, the new incoming ones often suffer from Sudden Wealth Syndrome, this sudden wealth syndrome comes with symptoms like unfriendliness, rejection, guilt, and exuberant unnecessary spending spree.

Excess resources are wonderful for material wellbeing but you should know that they sometimes destroy the ability to connect socially, sometimes it makes you become too conscious of the people you likely connect with, you may feel insecure when you are alone with them except you had some goons around.

Well, you need a Wealth Therapy to help you eradicate this psychological challenge, wealth therapist also and most importantly give you proper wealth management advice which is why they are also called Wealth Psychologist.

Against the articles by most people kicking against the idea of wealth therapist, I will want to say here that this is one of the most important aspects of wealth management, it goes beyond just managing the wealth but also restoring happiness, they assist you to socialize publicly and most important feel great being wealthy.

Money cannot buy happiness!!

Wealth therapist will also help you show your kids what’s behind the wealth, they will be able to have a full knowledge of how fortunes are made, teaching them also the possibility of this wealth being lost if mismanaged.

I cannot overestimate the importance of Wealth Therapy as it cuts across many areas of a wealthy person daily life, get a Wealth Therapy today and kick away those depressions.



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